McCormick X7.690 Pro-Drive


Each McCormick tractor reflects the passion and dedication of those involved in designing, testing and producing this incredible line-up of tractors. The new X7 tractors offer the ultimate in style, technology, operator comfort and productivity.

Five models in the tractor range are all powered by new BETAPOWER six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines with multi-valve technology and common rail fuel injection. These engines meet Tier 4 emissions regulations using advanced SCR, an exhaust gas after-treatment technology that reduces harmful emissions without compromising engine performance.

The X7 models are equipped with 6.7 liter, 6-cylinder engines that sit in a heavy cast steel fron frame, which helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab.

The X7 range comes with a choice of two transmissions: Pro-Drive and VT-Drive. The new Pro-Drive models offer 36 speeds with 6 powershift gears. All speed changes are fully automated using convenient push button controls.

The VT-Drive transmission is a continuously variable transmissoin (CVT) that provides infinite speeds, from zero to maximum travel speed, with smooth acceleration and seamless performance.

Both transmissions have a power shuttle lever on the left side of the steering column, while speed controls reside in the right-hand multi function controller.


All models of the X7 Series are powered by new BETAPOWER diesel engines that are EPA Tier 4 compliant.  Engines are equipped with turbocharging and intercooling, and common rail direct fuel injection that maximizes performance and develops massive torque to get work done.  To help meet the tough EPA emissions regulations, these BETAPOWER engines use advanced selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, an exhaust gas after-treatment technology that reduces harmful exhaust emissions without compromising the tractor’s performance. SCR technology utilizes diesel exhasut fluid (DEF) that is injected into the exhaust stream where it reacts with the hot exhaust gas to significantly reducing harmful NOx emissions.  SCR technology is simple, reliable, and allows the engine to run at its peak performance without comprimise.

Both models incorporate the PowerPlus feature where the engine can “boost” horsepower when certain operating conditions are met.  During heavy PTO operations, such as pulling a large baler or hay mower, or during high speed transport operations, the BETAPOWER engine will generate additional horsepower and greater torque levels to pull through tough spots and keep the machine working.


The VT-Drive is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that is built by McCormick’s partner ZF, a world-renowned manufacturer of transmissions and drive systems.  The X7 Series with VT-Drive offers smooth, reliable performance in any application.  CVT combines the efficiency and reliability of a mechanical gearbox with the infinite speeds range of a hydrostatic drive.  The result is a tractor that can achieve any ground speed, from creeper to maximum transport speed, to match the needs of any job around the farm.  Smooth, seamless acceleration offers great comfort while working, and also provides constant power transfer to the ground during speed changes for improved traction and greater productivity.

Along with exceptional performance, X7 VT-Drive tractors are simple to operate.  Three operating modes give the operator a choice in how he/she wants to drive the tractor:  Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, PTO Mode.  There is even a cruise control button to allow for greater control of the tractor with a simple push of a button.

The real benefits of a CVT are found in its versatility.  The engine and transmission work together to find the right engine RPM and travel speed for the job at hand:  high RPM with low ground speed for draft or specialty applications, or high ground speed with low engine RPM for efficient transport operations.


The X7 series tractors feature a closed-center load-sensing hydraulic system with a variable-displacement piston pump. This means that the pump always delivers the exact amount of oil that the system requires, instantly and on demand, thereby eliminating unnecessary power waste. The system supplies up to 32.5 gpm (123 l/min) to the hitch and remote valves.

With the raise/lower control conveniently located on the Multi-Function Controller and the main settings integrated into the right-hand console, the rear hitch guarantees precise implement control. Offering a maximum lift capacity of up to 20,500 lbs, the Category 3 rear 3-point hitch is equipped with lower link draft sensing to handle precise tillage work with ease.


The X7 tractors can be fitted with up to six remote valves for controlling implements and attachments on premium configurations.  Simple controls make operation convenient and precise. An available mini joystick controls the front lift and front remote valve if equipped. All valves can be set to operate for specific flow rates and flow times to meet specific hydraulic tasks. Hydraulic power beyond is also built in for those implements that require a dedicated oil supply but have their own valve system.

Rated Engine HP @ 2200 RPM (ISO) HP (kW) 199 (146)
Max. Engine HP @1900 RPM HP (kW) 205 (150)
Max. Engine Torque @ 1400 RPM lb ft (Nm) 850 (897)
Torque Rise 37%
Engine Type BETAPOWER diesel engine; Tier 4 using advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology
Engine Size 6.7 Liter, 6 cylinder
Fuel / DEF Capacity gal (liter) 85 (320) / 12 (46)
Standard Transmission Type 'P6 Drive' 54x27 power shift and power shuttle; standard 8:1 creeper; 32 mph (50 kph) capable
Gears and Ranges P6 Drive; 5 Ranges, 6 powershift speeds
Rear Axle Internal planetary final drives; wet disc brakes; flange with bar axle adaptors
Differential Lock Front and rear fully locking differentials; electronic control; hydraulic engagement
4wd Front Axle Push button engagement, center locking differentials; outboard planetary final drives; 4-wheel braking; available suspension on Premium & VT Models
HYDRAULICS, 3-point Hitch, PTO
Hydraulic System gpm (lpm) Closed Center PFC: steering pump 11.6 (44), variable displacement pump 32.5 (123)
Rear Remote Valves 3 valves
Rear 3-point Hitch Type Category 3 / 3N (narrow); electronic control
Rear 3-point Lift Capacity @ hitch lb (kg) 14,000 (6300)
Rear PTO 540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E standard; electro-hydraulic engagement; rear fender controls
Operator's Area
Cab Large 4-post structure; 2 doors; flat foot deck; high capacity HVAC; roofline window
Seat and Front Dash Deluxe air suspended seat; tilt and telescopic steering wheel; hide-away instructor's seat; front dash with user interface
Wheelbase in (mm) 111 (2820)
Height Over Cab in (mm) 207 (3055)
Overall Length in (mm) 95 (2430)
Base Weight lb (kg) 15,455 (7010)

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